If you have a good retail shop location, we have a great business opportunity for you to start our Cake shop franchise and earn handsome profits..!!

Cakes were at one point of time, available only to the wealthy. It is now commonly seen in all celebrations irrespective of age groups. Cakes are the most preferred desserts of all time and no birthday is complete without the age old tradition of cutting the birthday cake. For more information on our Franchise Business opportunity, to start a profitable cake shop in your local area, please fill up our Franchise enquiry form.

 To us a cake isn’t just a dessert… it’s a symbol of celebration, happiness, friends and family..!!

At ‘The Bake Shop’, we follow a fairly simple philosophy – offer a product of outstanding quality and ensure customer loyalty. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience. All our products are prepared in a modern compact plant where we adhere to stringent guidelines of hygiene and cleanliness ensuring a safe and healthy food preparation for all our patrons. The Bake Shop team is dedicated to provide exceptional service and product. Our core values are; high supply reliability, consistent high quality, constant smart innovations and short product development cycle.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Bakery products, savory snacks, Breads and Eggless (100% Veg) Cakes and deserts daily to customers as per their specific requirements. Bread Varieties include; Burger Buns, Pizza Base, Hot Dog, Footlong, Jumbo Sandwich Breads, Pita, Panini, Bagels, Foccacia, Sourdough, Bagutte, etc. We also make Cookies, Khari, Toast, Lavash, Stick and savories. Our Desert range includes all kinds of cakes including Mousse cakes and Cheese cakes. We also make specialty items like Brownies, Muffins, Slice Cakes, Iced Cupcakes, Macaroons, Mousse in glass, Pie, Torte, Tarts, Souffle, puddings, custards, Eclairs, profiteroles, Danish, Croissant, Buffet pastries, etc.