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Twisted Dinner Rolls

Artisan Breads

The Bake Shop team is dedicated to provide exceptional service and product. Our core values are; high supply reliability, consistent high quality, constant smart innovations and short product development cycle. We manufacture and supply a wide range of Bakery products, savory snacks, Breads and Eggless (100% Veg) Cakes and deserts daily to hotel, fast food and cafe customers as per their specific requirements. Bread Varieties include; Artisan breads, Burger Buns, Pizza Base, Hot Dog, Footlong breads, Jumbo Sandwich Breads, Pita breads, Panini breads, Bagels, Focaccia breads, Sourdough breads, Baguette, etc. We also make Cookies, Khari, Toast, Lavash, Stick and ready to eat savories and deserts.